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Freddie Mokhachane

Lovingly memorialized by Trevor Kalidheen on July 11, 2020

Freddie was born on the 10th June 1966 in Daveyton into a family of 9 children, and he was the last-born child. He’s married to Ngingi, and they are blessed with two handsome young men, Boitumelo and Kabelo, as well as a granddaughter named Paballo.
He underwent schooling at Moshoeshoe and Baikagetse primary schools, then proceeded to Nyathi and Mabuya secondary schools. His tertiary education commenced at Rhodes University where he studied journalism, but was cut short by financial constraints, upon which he returned to Daveyton, and took up a temporary teaching job at Mabuya secondary school, teaching English and History. With the seed of teaching now planted in him, thereafter he proceeded to the University of the Witwatersrand to study B.A. Education. He has also acquired various diplomas including Adult Basic Education and Training, as well as Project Management.
Freddie worked at Phuting Nest from 1992, before proceeding to Unity secondary school. In 1995 he became a district official of the department of education responsible for ABET. In 1996 he took over the responsibility of School Governance and Education Management, and later worked in the Policy and Planning Sub-directorate, which he eventually headed as a Chief Education Specialist. At the time of his passing, he was the Chief Education Specialist managing the Education Operations & Support sub-directorate of the Ekurhuleni North District of Gauteng Department of Education.
Throughout his life, Freddie has demonstrated to be a motivated initiative taker, a team player, a firm yet friendly manager, a critical thinker, a visionary leader, and a committed community builder. He was also an avid reader, thus able to quote various authors in most of his interaction with other people. And he liked to laugh aloud a lot.
At high school he was part of student protests against bantu education, having to flee home to evade the police during his matric year. He survived shooting and poisoning incidents during this period. He would often remind his peers that he is a proud product of Caiphus Nyoka, the youth activist who was brutally shot and killed by the apartheid police at his parents’ home in Daveyton in 1987. He was also active in student politics at tertiary level, occupying various leadership positions.
As a district official, he interacted with a wide range of stakeholders, including SGBs, RCLs, Teacher Unions, NGOs and business partners. He was instrumental in the establishment of ERSA, recruiting both staff and learners, publicised and marketed the institution, and also participated in fundraising programmes for the school. He even twinned the school with international institutions such as Cheshire Country in Britain. He was also instrumental in the opening of many other new schools in the district. He executed his duties with great enthusiasm. When Bekekayo was changed from a combined school to an ordinary primary school, Freddie used his own car to ferry learners to go and register at the new schools around Etwatwa area, he literally chased after a few learners, put them in his car, and transported them to schools nearer to their homes. Freddie had an amazing amount of energy, and refused to allow obstacles to stand in his way during the course of executing his duties. He was at the forefront of establishing non-racialism in school sports, which led to the formation of Benoni Schools Sports Committee, of which he was part. He was also part of the Gauteng Department of Education Mission to Canada to exchange views on educational matters with the provincial education department of Toronto and Quebec.
Freddie was a community builder and leader, having served as the secretary of Daveyton Community Development Forum in 1995; the forum‘s many achievements include the building of the Daveyton Mall and Etwatwa cemetery. He also participated in the CPF, whose duty is to assist the police to fight crime. He has also served as an official of the Independent Electoral Commission.
Freddie was part of teachers who were active in NEUSA, and was a founding member of Benoni Teachers Union (BETU). He was part of the team that actively prevented the apartheid inspired school inspections and stopped the police from invading schools and harassing learners. He was also a founder member and leader of SADTU, serving as an organizer, whose main task was to recruit and mobilize teachers in the Daveyton / Watville area. True to his strong character, he was adamant that every school is a SADTU base. Freddie was nicknamed “COSATU “within SADTU circles because he tirelessly campaigned for SADTU to affiliate to COSATU, and indeed that mission was accomplished.
He actively participated in re-building strong ANC/SACP structures, following the unbanning of political organizations in 1990. He also actively participated in the ANC programmes in Crystal Park / Chief Luthuli area, serving as the branch chairperson from 2010 – 2012. During this period, he energetically ensured that community needs are attended to, and refused to be confined to petty squabbles. His loyalty was to the movement, not individuals. The organization, under his leadership, remained intact and implemented its programmes, ensuring that community needs are attended to by those in authority. He participated in the election campaigns of the ANC, to ensure that his party wins decisively in both national/provincial & local government elections. He clearly understood what it means to lead and to be led.
He leaves behind a rich history of fighting for a better schooling system for our learners, and a better life for our communities. He will forever occupy a special place in our hearts.
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Lovingly memorialized by Sam Ajuyah on July 6, 2020

Unto Jehovah, the Almighty God and His Beloved son Jesus Christ be glory,
Honour, Praises and Adoration for ever.

Early years and education
Pa Bimino Emiko Ajuyah, an Itsekiri by tribe hailed from Bateren in the present Warri South
West Local Government area of Delta state. He was born on July 23, 1933 to late Papa
Emmanuel George Ajuyah who passed away on 19 th October 1933 and late Mama
Oritsemabinomi Erayenvayoma Ajuyah
Late Pa B.E Ajuyah father, the late Papa Emmanuel George Ajuyah was a trained Marine Engineer
and worked on ocean liners plying between Nigeria and several European countries. He later
became a Registrar and Interpreter in the courts the nineteen-twenties as well as a renowned
merchant. E.G Ajuyah earned the nick name, Edemayibo (a European gentleman) by reason of
his impeccable European style dressing in 3-piece suits. he was the first African member of the
then Warri Township Advisory Council and remained a member until his death in 1933. Pa E.G
Ajuyah (the family great forebear had several wives, one of whom was late Mama
Oritsemabinomi Erayenvayoma Ajuyah (nee Idiga) who lived in her matrimonial home at 19
Dore Street, Alders town, Warri for about sixty years after her husband’s demise. She passed
away 12 th January 1993 at about 100 years old.
Pa B.E Ajuyah was the 5 th born of his mother and 14 th child of the late Papa Emmanuel George
Pa B.E Ajuyah was educated at St Andrew's CMS School in Warri where he was captain of the
football team for some time. He took overseas tuition courses in pursuit of a career in
Accounting. First, with Rapid Result College London, for the General Certificate in Education and
then with Benneth College, Sheffield England for the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) stages 1 and 2
Accountancy courses, which he passed in flying colours.


Professional Career
He started his professional career as a Cashier in J. Allens Limited, a Division of John Holt Plc in
the year 1952 in Ibadan. In consideration of his diligence to duties, he was elevated to position
of Bookkeeper in 1970 and was promoted Office Supervisor in 1972. He became a Senior Office
Supervisor in 1977 and was transferred to Lagos the same year as a Manager-In-Training.
Before the end of the 6-month probation period, he was confirmed as a Manager grade 3 and
rose through the ranks to position of Manager Grade 1 from which he retired voluntarily in
1987. In his 35 years of service at J. Allens Limited, he was well acknowledged by peers and
superiors alike, as a prudent manager of resources and very diligent in service. He attended
many training courses and was a member of the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM).
Having retired from the John Holt Group, he and some Nigerians partnered with an expatriate,
Mr. Edward Valcke in 1987 to form 3 companies: Tambco Nigeria Limited, AMC Nigeria Limited
and AMSCO Nigeria Limited. He was a Financial Controller and subsequently General Manager
for the Group before finally retiring in in 2003 after 16 years. He garnered a total of 51 years'
experience in Accounting, Finance, Administration and other spheres of Management in his
professional work life.

Pa B.E Ajuyah was a devoted Christian and a recognized member of God's Kingdom Society
(GKS) - the church of the Living God. He joined the faith in the year 1948 in Warri at the age of
15 through the influence of late Brother Lawani a foundation member of the church who was
married to Pa Ajuyah’s elder sister; late Sister Grace Lawani. He was then a student of the CMS
school. He started preaching in Sunday services in 1950 at Sapele. He preached the saving
gospel of Christ with zeal at every possible opportunity. This he did until he became unable to
do so by reason of age. His sermons at church services were delivered with such passion and
skill that hearers remembered them for long after hearing the sermons.

He was the first laity member of the church to preach at the Christian Feast of Tabernacles. This
he did in the year 1950 in Warri, having been requested to do so by Saint G.M Urhobo, the
founding instrument of the church. The sermon captioned "God's Kingdom" was delivered in his
native Itsekiri language. He was only 17 years old when he delivered that sermon at the Last
and Great Day of the Feast which was held at the King George V Memorial Hall in Warri.
As a member of the Christ Youth Member (CYM) in his youthful days, He (and some other
young men) trained in boxing to enable them defend and protect the church from people who
sought to disrupt St Urhobo’s lectures in Warri and other places. He was so passionate about
the faith.
He was the Secretary at the Ibadan branch of the church and later served as Branch Chairman
from 1965 to 1977, when he relocated to Lagos with his family. He served at various levels in
different committees and groups in the Lagos church such as: Financial Secretary and member
of Administrative Committee, GKS Okota branch, member GKS Central Choir and member
League of Freedomites. He joined the League of Freedomites in Lagos in the year 1984 and has
since remained active in its activities. He once served as the League's Financial
Secretary/Treasurer and discharged the duties of that creditably, as in all other positions in
which he has served. As a member of the GKS Central quoir, he taught them the Itsekiri
choruses now popular in the Lagos church: Ene Dokpe and Niko Mase n' Edumale? He was a
Sunday discourser and study leader in the church for many years.

Family life
He got married to Mama Sarah Okiemute Ajuyah (nee Akpojotor) from Jesse, Ethiope West
Local Government Area of Delta state on the 1 st of May 1965, having first met in Kano in 1963.
Mama Sarah Ajuyah is a trained fashion designer who worked for many years sewing clothes for
corporate and personal clients. She was the pioneer Fashion Design / Sewing Instructor at the
S.O.S Children's Village Vocational Training Centre, Isolo Lagos; where she developed the

curriculum, set up the centre and served meritoriously for 15 years before voluntarily retiring
on 31 st of January 2011.
Pa B.E Ajuyah instilled virtues of discipline, diligence to duties and fear of God in his children,
three of whom followed in his footsteps and became Accountants. The others are professionals
of various other disciplines in the Arts and Sciences. He is highly spoken of as a stickler for
punctuality, discipline, uprightness and love of God. He is survived by his wife, seven children
eighteen grandchildren, a great grandchild as well as his many nephews and nieces.
Until his death on 10 th May 2020, he was the eldest in the extended family and hence the Olori-
Ebi of the Ajuyah, Ireden and AyeOluwa
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Reginald Hatcher Smith

Lovingly memorialized by Nicole Mischler on July 6, 2020

Reginald (Ripp) Hatcher Smith

Asheville - Reginald (Ripp) Hatcher Smith, 80, died peacefully in his sleep on June 21 in Asheville, NC. He is survived by his daughter Rachel Carter Pope and her daughter Reya Celeste Pope, and by his brother Furman Smith Jr. and his sister Lucy Smith Allouchery. He is also survived by his sister-in-law Junice Kulick and step-daughter Nicole Mischler. Ripp was a well known sculptor and painter and a moving spirit of the "I Am Home Art Project" bringing art to the homeless of Asheville. He will be missed by his family and many friends. Donations in Ripp's memory to I Am Home Art Project would be appreciated. (
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Kevin Pryer

Lovingly memorialized by Jenny Nisbett on July 6, 2020

Where do you start with a man who was so complex?

Dad was born in Gosport and was brother to Brian, Paul, Ronnie and Carol.

He joined the army where he became pen pal friends with Eileen Pryer who soon became his wife and together they had two children, his daughter, Jenny and son, Robin.

During his career in and out of the army he always had stories to tell of his amazing accomplishments, his part in the Iranian Embassy Siege (he drove SAS equipment from Hereford to London) and driving for Elton John being two of his most incredible achievements.

He was also so proud of his children and would tell anybody within earshot how proud he was of their accomplishments and achievements. Watching their graduations and award ceremonies with the size of grin which could be seen from space.

At home Kevin was not always the most honest of people, when things went wrong he had the uncanny ability to just not remember or just pretend that things didn't happen in an attempt to save himself. He wasn't a bad man by any stretch of the imagination however and he was very dearly loved by his immediate family and friends.

Before his autoimmune disease started to work its evil over every aspect of his life he was full of life, vigour and despite almost losing a finger when he dropped a car engine on his hand, losing a leg when he dropped a chainsaw down it and losing his life in 2019 to Sepsis he got stuck into everything and fought with all he had until the very end.

He loved his children and absolutely adored his two granddaughters. Whilst his illness made him tired and a little grumpy on occasions, his face when he was with his 2 princesses was a joy that could never fail to warm your very soul. He loved them with every fibre of his being and for his family he would be there in a heartbeat to do whatever he could for them.

This included driving up from the Isle of Wight to save his 20 year old daughter stranded on the M25 near Kent whilst she had been heading home from Police training college. Without hesitation or second thought, (and with some thanks going to a useless car recovery company), he picked up a new car radiator and fitted this on the side of the road, in the dark, so she could get home again. Also driving up to Gatwick when a delayed flight meant his daughter and her man (soon to become his son in law) couldn't get home on the train after a trip to Edinburgh. He had been so concerned about going to get them he completely forgot where he parked his car and they ended up walking around the multistory car parks of Gatwick for 40 minutes until it could be located!

You cannot mention Kevin without also mentioning his baking, wow, that man could bake as anyone who tasted anything could attest to. His daughter once made the mistake of saying his, legendary, steamed treacle pudding was a bit 'heavy' on one occasion, the hurt look he gave in response would have made his angels cry! His hot cross buns were beyond anything you could buy and he relished cooking for his family. When the old yellow 'do not cross' cone went against the closed kitchen door (especially at Christmas) you knew you were in for a gastronomic delight. 'Diet' was a dirty word in our household, the second you said to Kevin you were trying to behave yourself he saw it as a challenge and the kitchen would be full of delicious aromas that you were powerless to resist.

The examples of his selflessness and his heart are many in number and we want everyone to remember who he really was.

Covid 19 is a cruel cruel disease, it prevented family and friends supporting him when he needed it most in the 3 months he was in hospital. He was so unwell that nursing staff found it difficult to see the man he was, to help staff truly understand who he was his wife wrote the following to give insight into who Kevin really was which was pinned up on his notice board for all to see.

'This man who lies here fragile and angry is so much more
This man has loved his family
Has cried at his children's births
Cried at his daughter's wedding
Cried as he tried to start the heart of our beloved donkey
Cried as we dug the grave to bury him
Cried when his parents died
Went looking for our runaway cook who had got himself into debt
Lent the cook money (i don't recall its return)
Helped me nurse my mum dying of pancreatic cancer
Thought nothing of feeding and changing our babies when I was so tired
Would chat for hours to little old folk in our care home who loved him
Was kicked in the chest when I dropped the halter of our donkey whilst he was cleaning his hooves of foot rot
Fed the geese (who preferred me) and was attacked for the privilege
Rescued a pig when I told him no as we already had two (I called the pig Kevin!)
Stopped the car and rescued a woman who was being abused on the pavement by her partner
Rescued a young man who was laid in the country road at the dead of night when we had to collect our beloved son at 3 in the morning
Helped neighbours and friends alike
He is so loved and this is breaking my heart'.

There are no words that we can add to the above, that tells you all you need to know about Kevin, a much loved, and much missed, husband, dad and granddad.

We're so sorry that everything conspired against you health wise and you weren't able to enjoy your retirement doing everything you should have been doing, travelling the world on cruises, fishing, enjoying watching your granddaughters growing up and of course, canal boat holidays with mum. We're so sorry for all you and your family will miss.

It was so cruel as it wasn't your time to go, we're just so grateful that we were able to sit by your side and tell you how much you were loved and would be missed before you took your last breath.

Watch over the family and keep them safe. We hope you are somewhere warm, safe and surrounded by all the loved ones and pets you and your family lost throughout the years.

Thank you for being ours xxx
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Charles Brown

Lovingly memorialized by Jolene Hinojosa on July 4, 2020

SGT Charles Brown was a great friend that made everyone feel welcome. Whether you knew him as a family member, as a Soldier, or co-worker, all can agree that he was a friend.

Sergeant Charlie Brown enlisted into the active duty Marine Corp as a light armored vehicle mechanic. He served in the Marines from June 1987 to April 1993, in which time he deployed in support of operation Desert Storm, and was awarded the Marine Corp Achievement Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Navy Unit Commendation and Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon.

After a break in service, he joined the Texas Army National Guard in September 2010 into the 236 “Rawhide” Engineer Vertical Construction Company as an Army Plumber. He quickly established himself as a valuable member of the unit and participated in every Defense Support of Civil Authorities mission that the unit was assigned. His most notable accomplishments include his actions during Hurricane Harvey, where he and his Soldiers rescued over 70 people from the affected area, and drove over 700 miles to conduct high water fording operations. His actions saved countless lives and was instrumental in assisting state agency partners in accomplishing their mission as Texan’s Serving Texas.

SGT Brown joined the Corp of NonCommissioned officers on 14 March 2015 and was an outstanding representation of the “Backbone” of the Army. His passion and dedication to Soldier care and well being were consistently displayed. Every Soldier he contacted knew that he was a true servant leader that genuinely cared for his people.

SGT Brown’s military training includes master driver course, joint battlefield command post course, basic leader course and advanced leader course.

SGT Brown’s military awards from the Texas Army National Guard include the Army Commendation Medal, Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Adjutant Generals Individual Award, and numerous other service awards.
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Mascha Aarden

Lovingly memorialized by Edwin Knijnenburg on July 1, 2020

Mascha Aarden, Salinas, California, passed away on June 30-2020.

She was born on November 16, 1976 in Hellevoetsluis in the Netherlands, the daughter of Jaap Aarden and Riet van Dort, and younger sister of Linda Aarden.

Mascha, was a strong, tough, funny, sporty, straight forward person, who liked to stay in charge.

Mascha loved her Californian life, driving around in her convertible beetle with the dog in the back and stopping by spontaneously for a cup of coffee.
And the sailing days, and the roller derby were her favorite activities.

She will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved her.

Note: sorry that the posts are not working and therefore not be seeing
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Shimon Peres

Lovingly memorialized by david light on July 1, 2020

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Pauline Thierry

Lovingly memorialized by Extended Thierry Members on July 1, 2020

Juanita and Fernand Patin relocated from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Los Angeles, California. Pauline had five siblings; Babe, who died in childhood, Fernand, Jr. (aka Bub), Claire, Roland, and Grace and attended St. Lawrence Catholic School.

Pauline married Calvin Joseph Thierry on June 16, 1956 and the two immediately began their family that ultimately included Calvin, Jr. (Todd), Rosemarie, Dee, Timothy, Barbara, Kevin, Louis, and Jeffrey. Pauline’s gardening, cooking, baking, entertaining, and being a good neighbor, especially at the little house on Linnet, were her primary pastimes throughout this period.

Following Calvin’s death from cancer on January 27, 1991, Pauline moved to Sun City, California to live near her mother and siblings. So now, with some time to herself, she pursued her interests in history and politics through extensive reading and listened to a lot of music. On many occasions, Pauline was discovered dancing around her house with The Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, The Doors, and Tom Jones, among others, heard playing (loudly!) in the background. Sun City is also where she met Bob Knechtel. The two became close friends, walking/shopping/breakfasting partners, and fellow road trippers.

In 2015, a year after celebrating her 85th birthday, Pauline suffered from a fall, and her health slowly deteriorated. Prior to requiring around the clock care, the home of her youngest daughter Barbara and her husband Marshall (with whom she shared a dedication to televised sports), and their daughters, Justice and Olivia provided Pauline a home filled with warmth and family.

Pauline Marie Thierry will always be remembered for her infectious smile, positivity, kindness, loving nature, spirituality, and hospitality. Though a small, petite woman, her tremendous strength and immense heart are the legacy her children have gifted to their families and friends.
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Leela Kvesic

Lovingly memorialized by Joy Davis on June 30, 2020

Leela (Ljiljana) Helena Kvesic has been a bright light in the lives of many. As an educator, her genuine love and care for her students not only helped prepare them for their careers, but also nurtured them into becoming good people that we could all be proud of.

Leela's smile and positivity were infectious to everyone lucky enough to cross paths with her. Her love for people was evidenced by her desire to make people feel special, and good about themselves. Her love also extended to animals, as she adopted several cats and dogs who also felt equally special.

As a sports fanatic, she emphatically supported every Toronto team, especially her beloved Toronto Maple Leafs, through the good and the bad, with or without having a chance to win a Stanley Cup. Leela also enjoyed playing sports such as volleyball, hockey (as a goalie) and soccer, which she also enjoyed coaching at the schools where she taught.

Leela's love of coaching also led her to coaching basketball with the Brampton Minor Basketball Association where she co-coached multiple finalist teams, including one team that won the Championship.

The positive influence she had on the lives she touched is the gift that everyone will most treasure from Leela.

Please feel free to share your memories of Leela/Ms. Kvesic, how she has positively impacted your lives.

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Alyx Francisco

Lovingly memorialized by Shannon Hunter on June 23, 2020

“Years, like waves, keep rolling on at times,
I've pulled myself free, been in love, danced, marveled,
sliced, burned and bled myself
trying to be me ”
~Alyx Francisco~
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