Shpresa Malazogu

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The Story

After overcoming every obstacle and setback for almost five years, Shpresa Malazogu died peacefully at home on the morning of April 11th under the loving care of her husband John, daughter Jody, son-in-law Neal and new grandson Anderson Axel Tahiraj.

She loved her crew of guys and gals. And they loved her just as much. Many of them continued to visit right up until Shpresa's passing.

Shpresa Malazogu loved being in the fresh air and was an avid outdoorsman. She loved planning yearly summer hikes, fishing excursions, and golfing with her lifelong friends. Annual fishing trips to Sekiu and golf tournaments at Alta Lake were (and will continue to be) family traditions.

Behind their white picket fence, Shpresa Malazogu and John loved to tend their beautiful garden together and were even featured in several national magazines. And as the sun was setting, you could always find them on their vintage front porch, wine in hand, inviting you for a glass, or just some friendly conversation with anyone that wanted to.

Shpresa Malazogu could make friends with anyone. She had a knack for knowing a bit of everything, but was never a “one-upper.” She was a great story teller and could remember finite details the rest of the world had forgotten. After you met her, she made you feel like she was your best friend, and you could walk away thinking that you knew her for years. The woman simply did not know a stranger.

As you are reading this, take a moment to look out and watch the clouds go by. And tonight, go outside, look up and smile at the stars.
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