Sid Dines

Born: Cambridge on 28 January 1947

Passed away: Denver on 13 November 2016

Aged: 69 years

Benefactor: Marine Corps Scholarship Fund
$375 Donated. 4 Donors

Service Details

On January 28th we will host a celebration of Sids' life at
Glenmoor Country Club
110 Glenmoor Drive
Cherry Hills Village, Colorado
Please send an email to [email protected] if you wish to attend

The Story

There are a few extraordinary people in this world, individuals who spread their love, wisdom and infectiousness for life to all they meet. Sid Dines was one of these. Born in Cambridge, MA to Colorado state Senator Allen Dines and Audrey Kay Dines in 1947, Sid decided early on to avoid the constrictions of an ordinary life hemmed in by rules and social conventions. He grew up wild, pushing against authority and rebelling against the norms of public and private schools to finally find his place in the U.S. Marine Corp. The Marines helped define Sid and gave him the discipline he sought and the purpose he desired. Sid took this experience and parlayed it into a life of international adventure and excitement, flying and sailing around the world, and establishing deep and abiding friendships that shaped him and shaped those he encountered. Sid found the love of his life, Connie, when he asked to be introduced to her at a travel party in Denver– the ultimate risk taking experience that only reinforced his understanding and conviction that smart risks hold great value. In marriage and partnership, Sid settled down enough to raise a son and daughter that over the years both challenged him and deeply fed his soul. His children, Bear and Kaylin, in equal part with Connie became the central and abiding core of his life and his purpose. Driven by a dread of complacency, one day Sid woke up and decided that time living overseas would be good for “the family” and lo and behold, they moved to Barcelona for a year – a family adventure that provided a lifetime love of Spanish food, wine and friends. The years seemed to have little effect on Sid – he continued a life of Masters ski racing, flying in airshows with his buddies from the 69th Battalion, hiking, traveling, climbing, sailing, golf, desert motorcycling, rafting and adventures. His friendships, his work leading the Donnell-Kay Foundation and his off-beat sense of humor endeared him to many, confused the rest and ensured his legacy as a kind, giving, loving and incredibly thoughtful man. Sid Dines will be missed for many, many reasons, but in large part for the huge loss we all feel knowing we have lost our best friend, brother, spouse and father. Sid Dines died of heart failure on Sunday, November 13th, surrounded by family and friends who did not want to let him go. A celebration of his life will be held after the holiday (at the end of January) – and his 70th birthday – and will no doubt go down in the annals of history as a party filled with love and scotch, and stories told and shared of a man who changed lives by deeply and consciously living his own to the fullest. In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to the Marine Corp Scholarship Fund in his name.
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Ward and Renee Dunning donated in memory of Sid Dines

Feb 06, 2017


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Jan 09, 2017


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Jan 06, 2017


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Jan 05, 2017