Stephen Rudd

Born: Toronto on 06 November 1943

Passed away: Treasure Island on 08 March 2016

Aged: 72 years

Funeral Date: 15 March 2016

Service Details

Treasure Island Beach at 121st Avenue on Tuesday, March 15th at 7pm.

The Story

In professional photographers’ circles, Stephen Rudd is a legend. Along the way he has garnered every single award that can be achieved by any wedding photographer. His innovation and artistic images have earned him international recognition and acclaim. Stephen has been voted the “Ontario Professional Photographer of the Year” five times. “The Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Grand Award” and “International Photographer of the Year” twice and has just recently received their “Lifetime Achievement Award.” Lately he stunned the photographic world by having a second image accepted into the “International Photographic Hall of Fame.” Stephen was a seven-time winner of the “Kodak Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence,” which is the professional photography’s version of the Oscar. He was a mentor to photographers all over the world. It is assured that he will be listed as one of the greatest photographers of all time.
He is survived by his life partner, best friend and biggest supporter Lisa Luciano. His daughter Stephanie and his grandsons Kyle and Keegan as well as countless friends, fans and protégés.
With a personality, talent and love as huge as his, the world will never be the same. God broke the mold with him. He will be sorely missed. The “Maestro” has left the building…….
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Dale Banks (aka Catnip aka The Professor) and Lisa Banks his Daughter are so sorry to hear now about this loss.
I met him in ‘76 and he was at Christopher Smith Studios another master photographer before he left and started his own. I was with him when we built the studio in Yorkville and two studios in Cabbagetown, along with one in Woodbridge. Lived in my van out back behind the Cabbagetown studio on Carlton for 7 years and it won an award for the best restoration in Toronto. He was dynamic and a showman.
P.S: He told me one day when he dies he will give me ‘57 Chevy haha
P.P.S: I know he already sold it hahaha.



Dale Banks


I just found out about Stephen's passing a couple of days ago. I was doing some research for an article and was really saddened by the news.

Through the years I lost touch with Stephen. Right around the time he moved to Florida, we moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.

I remember the first time I saw Stephen, it was at a photography convention in Atlantic City, NJ. We were getting ready to leave that day and as I remember, Stephen's program was on the last day.

Before leaving, I decided to check out his program and see who this guy was. When I walked into the room, I saw some of the most beautiful wedding images and engagement portraits I have ever seen.

I was hooked. I have not been impacted by images like these since the first time I saw Monte Zucker and Rocky Gunn. I was really motivated to learn more about Stephen and how he captured such beautiful images.

A short time later, I was telling some friends what I saw and they told me about this amazing photographer they just studied with at Triangle Institute. It was Stephen!

Some of my friends got to know Stephen fairly well and I went along with my friends as we visited him for the first time.

I got a chance to see his studio and some of the most beautiful wedding albums and wall portraits I have ever seen.

I believe it was about a year later, we got a chance to visit with him again. This time he invited us to stay with him and I got a chance to get to know Stephen a little better.

He was a most gracious host. Besides coming across as a no nonsense kind of guy who doesn't suffer fools gladly, I saw that Stephen was a perfectionist that wanted to be the best at whatever he did. There was no second best for Stephen.

I also got to see his generous and kind side and his ability to convey a trust in the people he was photographing. Very few artists have that. He was able to bring out the true character and feelings that his couples have for each other.

That is why his images stood out. That's the stuff that photographic legends are made of. Of the many programs I have attended through the years, Two that stand out the most are when Rocky Gunn spoke at the Wppi convention and had 100 30x40 inch canvas prints on the wall and Stephen's program when he started it off with the rumble of a Harley Davidson on stage that was followed by a tremendous program where the audience got to experience some of the most beautiful romantic photographs ever taken.

Rest in peace Stephen, my friend.

My deep condolences to his family and friends

Ferdy Neubauer

Ferdinand Neubauer


My wife and I just celebrated our 9th anniversary yesterday and I decided to look Stephen up online to see what he has been up to. I am so saddened to learn of his loss. Stephen photographed our wedding and created a quick bond with us as he did. A true master of his craft. He talked about starting a photography class or school - and I was planning on coming from Virginia to participate. I am sorry for all of the family and friends who lost Stephen - in just a short time in his company, it was clear he was one of a kind. RIP. Sincerely, Glenn Lock

glenn Lock


Your pain is in my heart.May you find comfort in Revelation21:3,4-“and death will be no more......” .You are in my prayers.

lil rose


Dear Lisa and Stephanie, I am truly sorry for your loss. Although I did not know Stephen personally it is very clear that he was a creative and talented man who was dearly loved by his friends and family. When my grandfather passed away I found comfort in Rev 21:4 where it reads "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away." It's encouraging to know that God promises a time when he will do away with death forever. I wish the best to you both and to everyone who grieves over Stephen Sincerely, Sarah

sarah smith


Line Poudrier shared a photo.


Line Poudrier shared a photo.


Line Poudrier shared a photo.


My deepest condolences and sympathies to you Lisa and to everyone who had an opportunity to be very close to Steve over his lifetime with us. Steve and I had seven great years of laughter and fun from doing everything our hearts desired like photography, retouching, scuba diving, karate, weight training, watching boxing with friends and going on vacation etc. It was an adventure every day with him. You never had time to get bored. Steve loved doing things each waking moment of the day. If I wanted to sleep-in in the morning, his famous saying to me was “You will get to sleep-in longer when your candle burns out. Let’s get going, we have things to do and accomplish today”. Even though we eventually divorced, we were able to become friends again and remained good friends over the years. Steve came to visit ‘Canada’ (in SUMMER only because he did not like winter) almost every year after he had moved to his new permanent residence in Florida. He would visit his friends and relatives, and especially his Aunt Betty and Uncle John Stoangi. He loved eating good food. When he was in Toronto, he enjoyed going to different restaurants like Japanese Sushi, Indian food, Chinese Dim Sum, Greek food and he loved his steak too. He would often comment that the “Ontario vegetables like tomatoes and radishes were so tasty because the land rested in the winter to get back its minerals / vitamins”. My reply was “See the ‘winter and cold weather’ is good for something in Ontario. LOL Some of the subjects we liked to discuss were Photography, Retouching, and all the changes that have occurred in the photography business since he started his company in 1981, ‘Adam & Eve Wedding Photographers’ studio. I remember his first wedding was in October 1981 for his good friends, Paul William and Catherine Turl, and from that day he saw how far he could go with this new adventure. When he started doing seminar presentations for Photographers’ Conventions, he would say “I was not born with a golden spoon in my mouth; I was born with a camera in my hands” (the audience used to have a good laugh). Steve was an innovative contributor to photography. For example, Steve started wedding pictures in size 10x10 for the Bridal Album; 7x7 Parents Albums; 3x3 Thank You Cards; and 10x10 Gift Folders. The ‘Photography Lab’ had to produce new Masks of different sizes (A to F) to crop the negatives. As well, Gift Folders, Thank You Cards and Matt inserts also had to be created. Many more creative ideas came year after year and Steve realized them all. During our downtime we would go motorcycle riding, go for a drive in his ‘57 Chevy’, watch car racing (another one of Steve’s favorite pastimes) or go down South to many different islands for some ‘Scuba Diving’. I have great and wonderful memories. I will cherish them until I see him again in the wonderful ocean world and at the Pearly Gates. Steve -- you will be missed. Line xo

Line Poudrier


Shawn Friesner shared a photo.