Born: Southampton on 23 August 1954

Passed away: Sutton-in-Ashfield on 06 April 2015

Aged: 60 years

Funeral Date: 18 April 2015

Service Details

Susanne's funeral will take place on Saturday the 18th of April 2015. There will be a church service at The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, Southridge Drive, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 4RJ starting at 10am. She will then be taken to the Mansfield Crematorium for a short goodbye at 11:30. All the family would love you to come to the chapel service if you feel able and would like to attend. Friends and family are also very welcome at the crematorium where the family will say their last goodbyes. Following the internment there will be a light buffet back at the Latter-Day Saint Chapel where we will celebrate the life of Susanne. You are welcome to join us. We would like to make the buffet pot luck and would welcome tribute dishes for Susanne.

If you wish to say a personal last goodbye there will be the option of viewing times on Friday the 17th at the funeral home. Should you wish to visit with Susanne, please contact John Troke to arrange a suitable time.

Susanne was a huge lover of flowers and floral tributes are very welcome. If you wish you can organise those through our undertaker on his floral website, or however you wish.

Susanne was also a lover of service and you may wish instead to donate towards the McMillan trust who helped in her care in her last illness, thus sharing that blessing with others in the future. Donations can be made by visiting

We are composing a book of remembrance for the family and would be thrilled to include your memories, stories notes or otherwise. If you are attending the funeral the book will be available to write in on the day. If you are unable to attend but wish to share a message, please do so by leaving a message on her memorial page here ( - you will need to create an account before you can post, click register at the top of the page) by the end of Friday the 10th April to allow due time for us to have them included in the printing of the book.

We love and appreciate you very much and are grateful for all the love, service and prayers we have benefitted from. You are very dear to our hearts and we extend the warmest love and thanks to you all.

We look forward to sharing in a celebration of her life with you all, whether you attend in person or in spirit.

The Troke Family

Funeral Company

A W Lymm

The Story

Yesterday afternoon, my mum quietly passed away. As many of her family as could quickly gather were there to share her final moments, crowded reverently into her bedroom (a place far too small for that many full-grown Trokes) and, at her request, gently singing some of her favourite hymns.

It's a weird thing, writing a Facebook update like this. I've always maintained that Facebook was for seeing pictures of friends and family, and keeping them updated – and that's the spirit in which I post this. If you want to share a little moment with me, read on...

My mother has always been a large-than-life, truly formidable woman, and as I watched her frail, withered body gently give up its hold on mortality yesterday I felt a tremendous sense of relief for her. The inexorable advance of cancer may have reduced her body, but it did nothing at all to dampen her spirits or diminish her true stature.

So today I am going to pay tribute to the mum that I was always remember throughout this life: This one goes out to the towering matriarch who saw us kids off to school each morning with a “Be good,” and welcomed us back each evening with a kiss and a subtle interview to find out if we had. To the first-aider who picked gravel out of knees when bike accidents took place in the lay-by in Netley Marsh, who tended a million stinging nettle rashes and more than a few broken hearts over the years. Here's to the amazon warrioress who thundered forth from our house to lambaste the strange woman who shouted at seven-year old me so much I wet myself (true story), and who then instructed me in the error of my ways when she realised exactly 'why' I was getting shouted at in the first place. Here's to the wall-juddering shouts of “One,” that would bring five or more children scurrying from the corners of the house and beyond to answer judgement, and also to the outpouring of love and hugs that invariably followed any chastisement we earned.

Here's to the mother whose open door policy led to countless sleep-overs, sometimes with so many brothers, sisters, friends and foster-siblings that the living room floor simply wasn't enough and the tent had to go up in the garden. Here's to dinners that always went just far enough, to sandwich picnics that she made, but wasn't well enough to attend, and to the eternal council “Adam, have you offered your friend anything to eat or drink yet.” Sorry guys.

Here's to the relentless worker, who served in so many church callings that I can barely think to list them; who showed me by example what it is to prepare to teach Sunday School, who drowned a house in colourful cut-outs for Primary lessons and who tended to her sisters so diligently in Relief Society (non-church friends, my mum was a flippin' powerhouse at church when I was a kid). Here's to the woman who, when bed-ridden and not well enough to serve physically herself, deployed a legion of sons to do her bidding, and taught us to take joy in the work. I am sure few women can claim to have moved more washing machines, cleared messy garages and painted (badly) more walls by proxy than my mother. Here's to the seamstress who made dresses for proms, bridesmaids and brides for friends at church and school, to the chef who made endless cakes and dishes for socials. Here's to the choir-director and hand-waver that sang the hymns at church so loudly, and with such zeal, that it was actually a little embarrassing sometimes...

Here's to the scholar, who educated and instructed, taught me letters and numbers and a love of the English language. Who proof-read and cajoled, who demanded better when it could be achieved and soothed battered egos when it couldn't. Who has read essays on Charlemagne and Trotsky and pointed out inconsistencies you could drive a bus through. Who in later years has taken a glowing, righteous, pride in the stories and games that her efforts, put in so many years before, enabled.

So here's to the cook, the scribe, the teacher, the nurse, the counsellor, the confident, the entertainer, the budgeter, the coach and the friend (you've never seen someone lead the Galactic Empire in a game of Star Wars toys quite like my mum. My poor Ewoks). To the lady who picked me up, dusted me off and set me back at the task again, and again and again.

Finally, here's to the daughter of God, who taught me that death is not the end, and that families can be together forever. Something I still believe, even though it's not cool to do so. To the lady who made mistakes, and then put them right, who loved unconditionally and defended her own, and those she gathered to her, like a tigeress.

Finally, I'd like to offer you all my own condolences. If you've known my mum over the years, you might be feeling a little sad too. I think her most lasting legacy on this earth will be the lives she has touched, the friends she has made and the brothers and sisters she has brought into our family. So if your heart is aching a little, like mine is, it only goes to show what a splendid job she made of the incredibly hard task, of being a human.

Adam Troke, 7th April 2015


We invite everyone to share their favourite stories and memories about Mum (Susanne) on this site. We especially invite those that are far away and unable to be with us on the 18th to share their thoughts on this page.

We would appreciate your photos, stories and memories. Before the funeral we intend to bring these all together into one place and print them for everyone to be able to see. As such we would ask if possible that people are able to add their memories prior to the end of Friday (April 10th) to allow Hannah-Sheree to do her magic.

Thanks in advance, we are excited to read everyone's contributions.

The Troke Family
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Susanne, though we had not seen or heard from each other since you and John were on the Isle of Wight, I remember our time together fondly. I await the time when I will see that wonderful smile again. John, you were/are a lucky man.

John Maizey shared a photo.


John Maizey shared a photo.


Even though we were oceans apart, Susanne always made me feel so special. She has been apart of my family and life since I was about 10-yrs-old. Our time together was limited because of the oceans, but every time I was with her she always called me her "little dear," and had a warm smile and a hug for me. She would share stories about England and the things she held dear. I don't know if she loved it as much as I did, but I loved hearing them. I loved hearing her weave the stories for me. I am so grateful for the love she had for me and for life. I am so blessed to be her "American Little Dear" and send my hugs, kisses, and loves across the ocean to her, and her family. xoxo

Janalee Berentzen


Memories of our dear friend Susanne. I have so many. As well as giving me her love, she was very practical as well. I was moving into a new flat and it had very big windows which overlooked the path, so that everyone coming in only had to look up and they would see me. I searched everywhere for curtains that would fit, but to no avail. Susanne only went and lent me her best curtains , that she had made herself and were her favourites. She said I could borrow them for as long as I needed. (3 yrs). Susanne was there for me in sad times and happy times. When our dear friend Marion died, I suffered very badly with depression and did not want to leave the house, Susanne phoned me every couple of days for weeks and would spend ages just talking to me and listening with such patience , that I am sitting here crying now at the memory of it. However one of the phone calls had us in fits of laughter. I had put some potatoes in the oven to bake, unfortunately I forgot to pierce them and as I was on the phone to Susanne, they all blew up in the oven. The noise was so loud she could hear it on the other end of the phone. She said "Linda what on earth is happening". I just carried on talking and said "oh don't worry that was just my oven blowing up" We laughed hysterically. When I got engaged to Brian, I was straight on the phone to Susanne to share the news with her. She was always there for me, no matter what was happening in her life. I will never forget Susanne, as on my fridge there is a fridge magnet, which she gave to me, a wooden heart, which she painted and has a scripture on it which says " A friend loveth at all times" Through the years I have often looked at it and it has immediately brought my lovely friend to my mind. She also one Christmas made me a Silver star mounted on a stick and gave it to me. I was feeling very low at the time, and she said to me, look at the star and remember the Saviour , and that he loves you. I kept that star for years until it broke, but it did not matter because in my minds eye I can still see that star and what it signifies to me. I will be eternally grateful for my friendship with Susanne and that she touched my life. I was given a poem when I was on my mission entitled " I am glad I touched shoulders with you" and that is how I feel. So sorry we cannot be Susanne's funeral, I would be there in a heartbeat, but we are travelling to Cornwall that day, but we will be thinking of you all, and sending prayers and love your way. Linda & Brian Suter-Comins

Linda Comins


My thoughts of Susanne always bring back fond memories of my childhood growing up with Marie and Suzie in woodlands road. The "stay and play" dates at the police house through to performing " I saw a mouse" for a church show and being hugged when we came off by Susanne. I will never forget Marie's birthday to the theatre. We were treated to seats in a box. My first and only time. We were made to feel so special. I always envied Marie at the start of a new school year as Susanne would always write "Marie-Elizabeth" on her books and add a special flower. Susanne always went that extra mile to make people feel special and loved. I looked back on these memories and smile at the legacy she has left behind and am blessed to have known her through my childhood. And finally a small tradition she has instilled in me, without me realising it was down to her, until today, is that whenever I go to the theatre, I always take a box of maltesers with me. Looking back it was that trip to the theatre all those years ago when she produced a box of maltesers as a treat that to this day makes my trips to the theatre seem extra special. Thank you Susanne for my childhood memories. I am eternally grateful. Katie Barrett (Posted on her behalf)

Dan Troke


Susanne was a beautiful lady whose smile lit up the room. I remember as teenagers and young marrieds we would meet in a hall in London Road, Portsmouth. I have a photograph of Susanne and John holding a carry cot with the head of their fist born son, David, poking out over the top. I also remember the dinner appointments we used to have with each other. Susanne served as my Councillor on Stake Primary and she was always an inspiration. She had such a calm and gentle manner that I would love to be able to develop. Although I have not seen her for quite some time I shall miss her and the world will be a sadder place without her. Lots of love Angie & Phil Herridge Xxx (Posted on their Behalf)

Dan Troke


I am so grateful for her example of mothering. I was rereading some journal entries from when she was our Institute teacher, and how she once changed the entire lesson to focus on being a good mother because I was having doubts. She simply mothered everyone, which was so much appreciated when I was far from home and family. Netley Marsh was my home too in many ways, the place where I felt more warmth than anywhere else at that time in my life. I will always be thankful for those late night talks and counsel as I worked my way through challenges and doubts. She was only 6 years older than me, but so much wiser in every way. So kind and warm, and hugs that enveloped you. When I last saw Susanne, and we talked about her cancer and what was to happen next, it was hard to accept, and yet I knew in my heart that whatever happened was the right thing. That's why I can't complain at her passing, much as I would like her to stay. She knew where she was going, and had absolute faith in Jesus Christ. I hope she gets to talk to my sister, and guide her along the path that she guided me. I love you Susanne, with all the choccy buttons I can hold in my hands and heart.

Sherry Work


Susanne was one of the first persons to befriend me when I moved into Winchester. I have never forgotten the warm and generous person she is and really wish you all the warmth and love of the Spirit, which Susanne always emulated. Love to you all

carey Harris


My abiding memory of Susanne is her singing to us just before she started each of her lessons as our Gospel Doctrine teacher. Such a beautiful voice. Such a beautiful, serene woman. Margaret Anne Curgenven (posted on her behalf)

Dan Troke


My eyes are wet my heart is full, Thank you for always listening to me. I love you

Paulette Troke shared a photo.