Tillie Laura Deacon

Aged: 88 years

Service Details

Tillie Laura Deacon opted to donate her body after death for the advancement of medical education and research to the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of North Texas Health Sciences at Fort Worth, Texas. Her immediate family will have a private, intimate memorial.

The Story

This isn’t your traditional memorial, tribute, legacy or obituary. It’s not about who she is survived by. There will be no mention of family remaining, except that the family who loved and cared for her, and who she loved, were with her and there for her in her daily life to the end.
My grandmother, didn’t like her name. She preferred to be known as Laura, not Tillie. Although my grandfather while he was still alive, was the only person allowed to, and who did call her Till or Tillie. I can still hear her talk about how she hated her name and it makes me smile because I always told her I liked it, and thought it was adorable. She would smile at that. My grandmother was a beautiful woman, even up to her last days, her beauty stayed—she didn’t see it, but we all did. She had great, thick wavy dark hair, that later changed to white and the softest skin. I will always remember her smiles and laughter, and the little twinkle she had in her blue-green eyes.
Growing up I have many fond memories with my grandmother, with both my grandparents, really. She liked tending to her little garden in the back yard and spending time on the patio or in the yard having picnics. She enjoyed listening to music, dancing, singing (Some Enchanted Evening), watching movies (Sound of Music), and reading. She loved going on scenic drives and going out to lunch with family after church. She loved roses and the smell of roses. She loved to talk and just hang out, hold hands and give hugs. She liked getting dolled up, wearing jewelry and putting on perfume (White Diamonds).
She cooked and entertained guests all the time, everything was made from scratch and she cooked morning, noon and night, for everyone! Pancakes, soups, cakes, casseroles, roasts, stews, you name it, she could cook or bake it. She came from a large family and everyone was always coming over for some reason, and it was always like a celebration and food was always being made for a houseful of guests. She was the hostess with the mostess. Her home was open to everyone all the time it seemed. She kept an impeccably clean home and was always neat and orderly. Wherever she lived, she worked hard to make her house a welcoming home. I will miss going to grandmom’s house, she always had something delicious to share, time to talk, give advice and her opinion.
She was a very talented seamstress and made all sorts of custom designed items, slipcovers, curtains, upholstery, quilts and clothes. She used to sew parachutes and inflatable decoys for the military during WWII.
She was a homemaker and there really wasn’t anything she couldn’t do around the house. She was old-fashioned; industrious, innovative, frugal, creative, smart, witty, funny, brutally honest and at times abrasive and critical.
My grandmother suffered in pain a lot of her life, whether it was physical pain or emotional pain, I can’t remember a time when pain was not prevalent. When I was a little girl, I remember her having a neck injury that left her with neck and back pains and then she had food allergies that would give her migraines. She had severe curvature of the spine, scoliosis, degenerative spine disease, that was left undiagnosed and untreated, until it was way too late to be fixed, which led to numerous other health issues and pains which she suffered throughout her life.
To add to her physical pain, she suffered the loss of two of her children. Her youngest daughter’s remains were found in Las Vegas, she was in her early 20s; she was assumed murdered, unsolved mystery. Her middle daughter, suffered and died of cancerous brain tumors, she was in her mid 30s which left my grandmother to raise her little grand-daughter as her own. Losing two children left my grandmother with a lot of pain in her heart but with God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, she was able to continue with life the best she was able.
I believe she received great joy to have lived to know her great-grandchildren. Cherished family blessings.
Tillie Laura Deacon, was my grandmother, a loving, kind, God-fearing and Jesus-loving woman, who loved her family and loved having us around. We will miss having her with us here on earth, but we know that God has taken her home to live in her new mansion, in her perfect heavenly body, and we will see her in Heaven with Jesus and all the angels.
God Bless you Grandmother, I will always love you and miss you until we see you again in Heaven.
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Sonia and Laura, I was very sad to hear about grandma's passing! I remember I first met her I think I was 15 or 16, probably younger, she lived in those apartments in Trenton, NJ. She was very kind and sometimes to the point! She did keep a clean house! She was a trooper for holding on as long as she did. You were very lucky to have her all these years and she was able to see and enjoy her great grandchildren, Logan and Caroline! She is no longer in pain. Love you guys, hugs! Paige

Paige Carp


My dearest grandmother - as painful as it is to lose your presence here with us, I am happy that are you are now free from pain and suffering and are now home in Heaven with our Lord God the Father, and Jesus Christ. Memories of you will forever live in my heart. I love you.

Sonia Platz


Hi Sonia, I've left two comments, but I don't know where they went? :(

Paige Carp


Sonia Platz shared a photo.