Tracy Prentice

Born: Trujillo on 26 July 1978

Passed away: Phoenix on 27 April 2015

Aged: 36 years

Funeral Date: 07 May 2015

Service Details

Resthaven Park Mortuary/Cemetery
4310 E Southern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85042

Viewing: Wednesday May 6, 2015 5-8pm.
Funeral Service: Thursday May 7, 2015 10AM

Funeral Company

Resthaven Park

The Story

Tracy was a beautiful woman inside and out. She loved to a fault and always had a way of making everyone around her laugh. Many of you reading this have a great memory of Tracy (she had a way of burrowing into your heart) and with her memory warming your heart, please share your memory with Andrea so that even though her mother is not physically here, she will remain alive with your stories, pictures, songs and videos. Thank you from the Prentice Family. Please donate to the Tracy Prentice Memorial Fund to help the family pay for funeral costs. (*written by Verunka Vlkova)
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Hi Andrea,
My name is Oscar. I'm so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. I was friend of hers while I lived in Scottsdale approximately 15 years ago. Your mom was a beautiful, kind and wonderful lady. She had the most amazing smile! She spoke of you with stars in her eyes! I only knew her for a couple of months before I moved away, but I always wondered how she was and thought of her often. Andrea, my heart goes out to you and your family. God bless you and may the Lord hold your dear mom in his tender hands.
Warmest regards,

Oscar Campos


christina alcantar


Elena Beltran shared a photo.


Elena Beltran shared a photo.


I had met Tracy back when we were young and silly working at Oshman's in Arizona Mills, she was fun and sweet and just great to be around. Working with her and that crew are some of my fondest memories. We lost track of each other for a while, but were able to re-connect on Facebook and I am grateful for it. She had become such a beautiful woman with a wonderful heart. I'm glad I could call her a friend.

Elena Beltran


So i don't even know where to start. We didn't start off as friends life can be so crazy. We have the same father to our kids. & thru it all we vented to each other. We made a bond and we made something out of nothing. When normally you would be the enemy,you were so far from being that. You were the most kind hearted real person i have ever met. Never expected for you to be there for me the way you were... I thank you... I remember telling you Nathan needed heart surgery one of the worst time in my life. I had to be at Phoenix children's hospital at 4:30 in the morning. & who do i see before i even there? You & Andrea waiting for those doors to open. Thank you once again... I love you andrea always have always will your brothers & i will always be here for you. Your mom alwsys talked about how you ment to her & keeping your brothers & you together and not losing contact was something we always talked about. And she allowed me to stay close to you is not something any mother would do. She was special had the biggest heart. And you are just like her in so many ways. I just want you to know ill always be there for you. Christina

christina alcantar shared a photo.


Andrea, your mom was a beautiful woman that had a laugh that was contagious. As you know, upon meeting Tracy in 2005, we essentially became “attached at the hip”. Tracy and I would have sleepovers just like teenagers do with their besties in high school. There was a point when Tracy told me that she could not sleep well when I was not there. On our days off (which was Sunday and Monday for both her and I), we spent every waking moment together. Tracy and I would lay in bed for hours…. talking, laughing until our stomachs hurt, watching movies, and eating until we could not eat anymore. Tracy was an amazing cook! She taught me how to make her ceviche which I am certain hands down was and is the best ceviche in the whole wide world. Tracy loved ALL of her food spicy (which was no secret), but would make certain she made me a little batch of ceviche that was not spicy… My taste buds were a bit different than hers… ;) When I was going through my divorce, Tracy once told me, “Nikki, I wish I was going through the painful things you are going through because you do not deserve any of this”. That is love, that is empathy, that is a friend that comes once in a lifetime. There are a ton more memories I could share, but I would be here for months… And Tracy while you are not here on earth anymore, I will savor all the special moments I had with you…. Until the day we meet again baby…. Save me a place in bed right next to you…. I love you….

Nikki Bailey shared a photo.


Andrea, Your mother was a special woman and so many people loved her immensely. Very often she was the one making people laugh, no matter how she felt inside. Despite everything that she was dealing with this past year, she still managed to visit my mother a few times (my mother's health is declining), to lift her spirits. Always thinking of others... She was spontaneous in a way that was not annoying (which is hard), she wasn't fake and very often loved to a fault. She was never uncomfortable around my disabled sister, laughing, hugging and loving her — very often being so caught up in it, she would start to speak to her, forgetting she was deaf (we would laugh about this). There was a period of time that our paths separated and I am extremely grateful that we were able to come back together, a million times stronger this time. She will alway be a part of my heart, she was there for me as I transitioned into adulthood, picking me up and dropping me off to my college classes, sometimes even coming into the classes (bringing you), and the whole time, she never asked for anything in return (gas, etc.) I wish things were different and that she could make that visit to NYC that we were planning but I have to believe in my heart that she will always be with me and that her memories will remain in my heart, keeping her alive. It really is not fair that we lost somebody so young, and there will never be a complete answer to how and why because death is as complex as life. Tracy, I loved you so much. I told you that all the time and I was so proud of all the challenges you overcame. Andrea, Tracy loved you more than you will ever know — you are beautiful, smart and kind, which is something few mothers can brag about. If you ever need anything, I am there for you with all of my heart. I love you deeply and am proud that I have known your family for so many years. Remember that you can always talk to Tracy because though she is not physically here, she is all around you and she is embedded in your heart. I love you so very much, I feel like I can't say it enough. I am here for you.

Verunka Vlkova shared a photo.