Troy McLean Foster

Aged: 52 years

The Story

Troy McLean Foster passed away peaceful in his sleep August 11, 2015 in Webster, Texas. There is not enough words to describe our brother, so I will start the best way I can. Troy was simply the most loving and kindest soul to everyone he ever met. There couldn't be a more genuine heart than his. He lived his life to the fullest everyday and lived with passion. A passion for cooking and fishing the Gulf of Mexico and Bay. Sometimes he would go quietly by himself, but mostly he spend countless hours sharing that time with his father Jake Foster. Without a doubt they were true fishing buddies and Troy loved his dad more than words. He enjoyed much time with his brother Ronnie Wagner and brother-in-law Colen Mertz talking about hunting and fishing and just spending time together. These three had such a manly man brotherly bond no one could break. Troys love for his mother Eve Babineaux-Wagner was one in a million. I can tell you without a doubt, that bond was very mutual. Troy blessed this world with his love he had for everyone. He shared a wonderful loving respect and bond with his dad Ron Wagner that he loved dearly and his Nunu Linda Angelo. These two, Troy and Linda were quite a pair and never a dull moment. The laughs would leave you in stitches. He shared his wonderful life with some of the best friends a man could ask for. Many from childhood to manhood. Troy was blessed with a wonderful son and I can tell you he loved his son Justin Foster very much and lived his every breath for him and his two grandchildren Aurora and Ramsey. Troy loved and had so much respect for Justin's beautiful wife and mother of their children Diana Leslie. Troy simply loved beyond love and was the great peace keeper. A one in a million heart. He said it like it was and had no fear of saying it. He was the real deal, like it or loving and kind and...I could go on and on. He loved each of us siblings and his brother and sister in law with all his heart; Ronnie Wagner, Heather Huber, Colen Mertz, Christie Wagner Mertz and myself, his sister Michelle Foster. He never missed a chance to tell us he loved us and he showed it every chance he could. Christie and Troy would spend hours sometimes talking just to talk, as he would with mom, dad, his friends and his Beth. His heart was always in the right place. Troy adored all his nieces and nephews and loved to pick on them ever chance he could. Life just wouldn't be the same if he wasn't picking on you. I can't say enough, but what I can say is I'm going to miss so much about him, but mostly I'm going to miss him. We all will every day. There won't be a moment he won't fill our hearts with love. Through the grieving, we are cherishing every precious memory we had with him. Through the loss we have all felt the intense love, family pulling together. A reconnection that only Troy could do with his beautiful spirit. And this love he has shown us, even in death is amazing.
What a beautiful AMAZING wonderful Angel he has now.
In my heart and soul always. We love you Troy McLean Foster!~
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