Vincenzo Antonio Forgione

Born: Newark on 28 February 1920

Passed away: Dunedin on 02 March 2011

Aged: 91 years

Service Details

Vincenzo Antonio was Given Full Military Honors for his Service During World War II. There was a 21 Gun Salute and an American Flag that was sent from the President of the United States which was presented to his next of Kin, His Son, Col. Vincent Forgione, on behalf of a grateful Nation.

The First Photo in the series to the right is of "Jim" and his wife Catherine and was taken on one of their many trips to visit their beloved Granddaughter, Christine De Angelo, in Boynton Beach Florida. Christine and her husband, Albert, did more for Vincenzo and Catherine than anyone in our Family. They provided an abundance of support and love that can never be adequately measured. Jim and Catherine visited often and enjoyed a cornucopia of sun basked feasts on major holidays and sometimes for no particular reason at all. Some of the best times Jim and Catherine had were with Christine and Albert at their home in Boynton Beach Florida. The others are of Him and his Sister, Martha, (Mert) and of Him and His Wife, Catherine during WW-II, Of him and a friend swimming, and a photo of him in the pool with three of my Children, Angel, Tony and Vinny.

The Story

Vincenzo Antonio "Jim" Forgione, Feb 28, 1920 - March 2, 2011

Born in Newark N.J. as the Son of Anthony Vincent Forgione, "Jim", as he liked to be called, began driving a tractor and trailer while he was still in High School, for His Fathers thriving Coal Business. For many years, he made a daily round trip to the Plymouth Pennsylvania Coal Mines and returned to Newark. Though it is approx 235 miles today at that time it was a total of approx 300 miles daily.

Jim's Father Anthony, always told them, "Motors are expensive...Oil is cheap." Jim learned from his Father the secrets of preventive maintenance (that Grandpa Anthony learned in the U.S. Navy) and Jim achieved great honor by the application of it.

Jim met Catherine in the old neighborhood in Newark while He was still working for his Father. Catharine let him chase her till she caught him. They married and had their first Child, Judith Ann just before the beginning of WW-2.

Jim tried to enlist in the service but his detached retina that had not yet been corrected, prevented him from being accepted. He worked as a commercial driver for a short time and then went to work in a Foundry that made steel for the war effort.

As the war progressed, the need for manpower became so severe, that the Military changed the classification system and so Jim was called to duty in the regular Army.
At first, stationed at camp Kilmer N.J. and then at Fort Dix, he was then transferred to Camp McCoy, Wisconsin.

While at Camp McCoy, he was trained to do combat support duties in preparation for the invasion of Japan. After his training, a call for volunteers was issued for Drivers needed to man a hazardous convoy to bring a sensitive shipment to Alaska on the newly constructed Alcan Highway (Which though a "Highway" in spots, was not a really a Highway at all, but little more then a Muddy, winding, dangerous, wilderness trail). Classified as "Hazardous Duty" the Men were promised 30 days leave "if they survived". Jim volunteered and looked forward to seeing Cathrine and Judith Ann when it was all over. He said that that Mission was "the most hair raising" of his Life. As a result, he received full Veterans Benefits.

After the harrowing ordeal, the men were gathered together in a large tent and addressed by their commander, "Men, I have I have good news and bad news, which do you want first?.......O.K., here's the bad news...All leaves are cancelled.......Now, the good news is, THE WAR IS OVER!" Jim went back to Camp McCoy and was processed out and went back to his Family in Newark.....a very happy man.

Directly after the War, Jim and Cathrine introduced Cathrine's Brother Michael "Bubbie" Tenore, to Jims Sister, Nancy Forgione and shortly thereafter they were married. They remained very close throughout their lives.

Using the G.I. Bill Jim Started his own trucking company but after a while, He decided that the benefits offered by Sun-Oil Company would benefit his Family far better, and so He Became a Fleet Maintenance Mechanic for Sun Oil Company.

Not Long after, in 1951, His Son Vincent was Born. He was known in the Family as "Jim-Jim".

At that Time, Jim Moved his Family to West Keansburg N.J. where he continued his work with Sun Oil. He also had a Second Job at AC carrier and still another one driving a School Bus for Bob Helfrich and Sons. He implemented and shared the Preventive maintenance measures he learned from his Father and from the Army during WW-2.

He stayed with Sun Oil For 32 Years and received many awards for excellence during that time. During that time he wrote "The Book" on Preventive Maintenance, which is still used today by Sun Oil and many other corporations. The concept of replacing a part before it breaks, just before the threshold of its lifespan, is the legacy of his work life.

As a Mechanic, he never failed to help a Family member with their cars. Family and extended Family could always come to him. So vast was his knowledge that hundreds of times he saved people from spending money on expensive repairs. He would diagnose "By Feel" and inexpensively fix what had previously been diagnosed as a major problem.

Jim Was known for making unique proprietary tools to make repairs on vehicles with troublesome access problems. Many times the "Snap on Man" would marvel at these self made tools.

In 1963 Jim and Cathrine made a trip around the United States. This was only the first of such travels but is the best known. Jim And Cathrine Purchased an 8mm movie camera with editing equipment and made the Documentary film, "Our Motor Trip". This tradition of film making continues in the family to this day.

Jim and Cathrine were also Skiers and Snowmobilers, skiing the Poconos and Camelback. They Went on a cruise to Hawaii and Jamaica and traveled to Florida and many other places in their Chinook motor home. Every Summer Jim and Cathrine brought the family up to Curry Hill (in Plymouth Pennsylvania) to see Uncle Pete, Uncle Johnny and our other relatives related to his Usefara Family. By continuing the tradition that his Father Anthony started, Jim instilled a love for Curry Hill that abides in the Family to this day.

After his retirement from Sun Oil, Jim followed his Brother in Law Tony Tenore to Florida. They moved to Clearwater Florida and stayed. They continued to support Family and friends just as they had before and provided much needed relief to others.

Preceded by Cathrine in 2006, Jim died unexpectedly shortly after his birthday. He was trying to recover from a long illness which his Children, Brothers and Sisters and many other family members fully expected him to recover from. He was looking forward to going to breakfast the next morning with his Son, Vince.

When Jim expired, he was wearing a western shirt similar to the one worn by one of his favorite actors, John Wayne, in the movie, "Stagecoach". On the lapel of His cardigan Sweater, which he intended to wear over his shirt to breakfast, was his Gold 25 year pin from Sun oil Company.

In his last days he was planning a motor trip with his Son, Vince (Jim-Jim) to see his Brother in Law, Tony Tenore, in Sarasota Florida. He also talked about taking a Motor Trip to see Uncle Johnny (Usefara) in Curry Hill Pennsylvania, His Brother Herk and Sister Mert and His Grand Daughter Angel and Grand Sons Tony and Vinny and His Twin Great Grand Daughters Michelle and Jaimie in New Jersey and attend the Liberty Hose Co. #2 Car Show that his Brother Herk administers. Then it was planned to continue on to see His Great Granddaughter Michelle and Her Children at Fort Drum New York and End the trip with a visit to his Grand Daughter Zoila in Washington D.C and His Grandaughter Christina in Boynton Beach Florida and as many other relatives in between as possible.

No longer able to drive, it was planned for him to "Take the wheel", from time to time, in the same manner that he used to do with others and which instilled in his Children, Grandchildren, Nieces and Nephews a love of driving that all of them benefit from today.

In his last Days, he talked mostly about Healing the Family, Forgiveness and being Forgiven and the power of God to heal all wounds. His concern for the future of the family was well related to His Children especially in the last 15 days and he fully expected to be able to take steps to facilitate the healing process thereof.

Jim received last rights from the Catholic Church, in which he was a member of the Knights of Columbus and also prayed the "Sinners Prayer", before his death.

He is Survived by his Daughter, Judith Ann, His Son, Vincent James. and Grandchildren, Christine, Mary, and David (of Judith Ann) And Angel, Zoila, Anthony and Vincent of (Vincent James).

His Great Grandchildren are, Michelle and Jaimie of Vincent Forgione III. Gabrielle, Brianna and Miles, of Christina "Crissy" De-angelo. Michelle Allen of Mary (Nee, Terwilliger) and Great Great Grandchildren By Michelle Allen, Bobby Junior and Benjamin.

He is also Survived by His Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Martha "Mert" and Arcalo "Herk" (Both in New Jersey) and Gilda (in Ohio) and his beloved Brother in Law Tony Tenore, also a WW-2 Veteran.

Preceding him are his Grandsons Michael Realmuto, (Son of Judith Ann) and Andrew Forgione, (Son of Vincent James).

He is also Preceded by His Beloved older Sister Cathrine "Katy" Wysowaty, his Beloved younger Sister Nancy Tenore and Beloved younger Brother Andrew Forgione.

Preceding him also is his dearly beloved Brother in Law, Michael "Bubbie" Tenore, also a WW-2 Veteran.

In Honor of His Passing, the planned motor trips will be completed by his Son, Vincent. Any Family member who wishes to go along on these motor trips are welcome.

Written By His Son.

Copyright 2011, OXOjamm Studios, all rights reserved.
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