Walter Lee Williams

Born: New York City on 14 December 1969

Passed away: Harlem Hospital on 28 January 2021

Aged: 51 years

The Story

Walter Lee Williams was born December 14, 1969 to Dorothy Williams. I remember the day my mom showed us his picture. I was not thrilled at all. Another child, meant I was no longer the baby of the family. At an early age Walter became the family clown, always making us laugh. He hit a rough patch in his teens, and got into drugs and was sent to Dobb Ferry Children's Village, where he completed the program and graduated from High School. Upon returning home he fell in with the wrong crowd and once again got involved with drugs. He went into The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Program in the Bronx after the death of our older sister Shirley, and completed their program. He worked as an Ambulance Driver and in the Parks and Recreation Department until his blood pressure effected his kidneys and he had to go on dialysis and disability. Even through the pain and days of dialysis, Walter (aka Bishop) had a positive outlook on life. He was friendly to others, often helping out where he could. He was my baby brother, and even though we didn't talk as often as we should, he made sure to catch me up on all that was going on in his life when he did call. Walter managed to follow all his nieces and nephews on Facebook and made it his business to call me or comment when he felt they were not doing what they were supposed to. Whenever I needed him, he was there. I will miss you baby brother. Hopefully you are somewhere laughing in heaven. Rest in peace!
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