Warren Locke-Wells

Born: Washington, DC on 13 June 1951

Passed away: Sherman Oaks on 27 March 2016

Aged: 64 years

Funeral Date: 11 June 2016

Service Details

Details for the Memorial Service of Warren Locke-Wells

Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church
6642 Reseda Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 91335

June 11, 2016

2 PM

Please RSVP to Nancy Rubio at [email protected]

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The Story

Warren Allen Locke-Wells, son of Everett Russell Wells, Sr. and Delores Costello Bush, passed away peacefully on Easter Sunday at Sherman Oaks Hospital, Sherman Oaks, CA. 

Warren was originally from Washington, DC, but relocated to Los Angeles, CA in the 1980s.  He resided in Van Nuys, CA with his partner of 16 years, Nancy Rubio.  He spent most of his time and resources in support of his favorite charity, Big Sunday.  His passing leaves a void in the lives of all those who knew and loved him.  Warren had a great sense of humor, was often the source of laughter, and was quite fond of playing practical jokes.  He could always bring a smile to your face.  He will be greatly missed. 

Warren is survived by his partner Nancy Anne Rubio, daughter Devon Adriene Locke, son Cassius Alexis Locke, grandchildren Mariah Natalie Locke and Ethan Cassius Acosta-Locke, siblings Everett Wells, Jr., Pamela Jennifer, Teresa Yancy (deceased), Bishop Paul Wells, Linda Wells-Knight (deceased), Eugene Locke (deceased), Roric Wells, and Bolen Wells, along with a host of nieces, nephews (he was particularly close with his nephew Lal Knight), relatives and friends. 

Join us in celebrating Warren's life at his Memorial Service on June 11th. Services are being held at Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church on 6642 Reseda Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Throughout this difficult time, we are grateful for your love, encouragement, and support. We will be holding a fundraiser at his service in order to assist with covering funeral expenses. Anything you can contribute helps more than you'll ever know.
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