Born: Hong Kong on 17 June 1927

Passed away: Hong Kong on 24 September 2020

Aged: 93 years

Service Details


日期: 2020年11月4日 (星期三)
時間: 下午4時半至9時半
地點: 世界殯儀館3樓明思堂


日期: 2020年11月5日 (星期四)
時間: 早上7時半至8時半
地點: 世界殯儀館3樓明思堂



** 請掃描相冊中的二維碼, 來觀看母親最後安息地以及祖屋和祖墓的視頻。



Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Time: 4.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
Address: Universal Funeral Parlour (Ming See Hall on the 3rd floor)

Date: Thursday, November 5, 2020
Time: 7.30 a.m. to 8.30 a.m
Address: Universal Funeral Parlour (Ming See Hall on the 3rd floor)


Dapeng Bay Overseas Chinese Permanent Cemetery in Shenzhen

** Please scan our QR code in the photo album to watch videos about mother’s final resting place, as well as our ancestral house and tomb in China. **

Funeral Company

世界殯儀館 (香港九龍紅紅磡,暢行道,10號), Universal Funeral Parlour (10, Cheong Hang Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

The Story




她還喜歡早上行山。及後, 在會所健身室鍛煉身體,閱讀雜誌和報紙。母親最開心的時光,就是一家人和孩子,孫兒, 曾孫們聚首,知道他們學業,工作有所進展。許多人都欽佩母親儘管經歷了重重逆境,仍能夠將眾多孩子撫養,成為有責任心並對社會有所貢獻的人。


兒 國維、媳美賢
- 孫女樂懿、孫婿德隆
-- 外曾孫女雅曦

兒 國良、媳桂麗
- 孫女樂勤、孫婿仕鎏
- 孫子樂、孫媳Kana
-- 曾孫Devin
-- 曾孫女Molly, Keilly

兒 國源、媳美娟
- 孫女樂珈

兒 國培、媳淑玲
- 孫女樂詩、孫婿天朗
-- 外曾孫明心
- 孫子豐、孫媳珞珩
-- 曾孫逸程

女 敏兒、婿志鏗

兒 國超、媳漢儀
- 孫子朗、子熙

女 傑兒、婿Wayne
- 外孫智恒
- 外孫女宛蓉

兒 國本


Mother, CHIU Yim Hung (趙艶红), age 93, passed away peacefully on September 24, 2020 at Yan Chai Hospital, Hong Kong. She was born in Hong Kong on June 17, 1927. Her father CHIU Sin (趙善) died young. She was then brought up with her elder brother CHIU Yu Chiang (趙汝長) by grandmother SO Yu Yuen (蘇雨願). Mother married young to father, CHAN Pak Yan (陳伯忍) and raised a family with six sons and two daughters.

During her lifetime, mother was brave and smart. She took up responsibility after father’s early death at age 47 on February 18, 1970 and successfully brought up eight children with the help from grandmother.

Mother was strong and had guided the family through adversities, tackled challenges throughout her lifetime. To support our family during the adverse economic period, mother brought factory materials home for processing so that she could provide the best care for her children whilst working. Mother did not have the chance for formal education because of poverty, so she treasured the importance of education very much and guided her children to study hard and emphasized the importance of integrity and self-reliance.

Mother always kept herself up to date on current affairs through reading newspaper and magazines. When she was in her fifties, she applied her self-learned knowledge on investment and started to make better income through property investment and in foreign exchange market. At the age of 74, mother received a Gold Prize Certificate in IT Awareness from a program organized by the Information Technology Services Department.

Mother enjoyed morning mountain walks and at her older age doing exercises in the club house’s gymnasium. But her greatest joys were when attending gatherings with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and knowing their accomplishments. She was admired by many to be able to raise her many children into responsible adults, contributing to society despite all the adversities.

Mother is dearly loved and will be greatly missed. She is survived by her children and grandchildren and their spouses as well as great grandchildren whom she loved and touched deeply:

Son, Kwok Wai and wife Mai Yin,
- Granddaughter, Lok Yee, and husband Tak Leong
-- Great granddaughter, Nga Hei

Son, Kwok Leung and wife Ella,
- Granddaughter, Amy and husband Phillip
- Grandson, Billy and wife Kana
-- Great grandson, Devin
-- Great granddaughters, Molly and Keilly

Son, Kwok Yuen and wife Bicky,
- Granddaughter, Charlotta

Son, Kwok Pui and wife Iris,
- Granddaughter, Rois and husband Marc
-- Great grandson, Connor
- Grandson, Victor and wife Laur-ann
-- Great grandson, Enzo

Daughter, Mun Yee and husband Chi Hang,

Son, Kwok Chiu and wife Hon Yi,
- Grandsons, Tsz Long and Tsz Hei

Daughter, Kit Yi and husband Wayne,
- Grandson, Kelvin
- Granddaughter, Rebecca

Son, Kwok Pun.
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