Born: Milwaukee on 18 January 1986

Passed away: Owings Mills on 04 December 2015

Aged: 29 years

Service Details

In accordance with family wishes, the memorial service will follow cremation. The service details are as follows:

Joseph H. Brown, Jr., Funeral Home
2140 N. Fulton St.
Baltimore, MD 21217
Friday, December 18, 2015
2 p.m. ET

The Story

I met Zakkyya in the Bronx at the point in her life when she was going to school for two master's degrees simultaneously, working a full-time job as a special educator, and a part-time job as a dance instructor. She liked keeping her plate full, and honestly, just looking at all she was able to do at one time exhausted me to the point that I needed to sit down for both her and me. But that was Zakkyya.

Some of my favorite things about Zakkyya:
* She loved to laugh. Even if the joke was horrible, she laughed loud and hard, and usually took a solid five minutes to calm down. I remember her telling me that she loved how it felt when she laughed, that she felt free.
* She had the silliest sense of humor. Occasionally, she would chant "lasagna, lasagna, lasagna!" at a random time, and when I stared at her in alarm, she would just fall out laughing.
* She could walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and she did it regularly. Talk about stamina! When she put her mind to it, Zakkyya could stick with a goal and achieve it ten times over.
* She didn't like for her friends to be sad or unhappy, and she did everything she could to lift the spirits of those she cared about. What more can you hope for in a friend, really?

Zakkyya passed away suddenly on December 4, 2015, at the age of 29. She was truly one of a kind, as people who have interacted with her can attest, and she leaves behind friends and family who deeply feel their loss. We are all lucky to have known her.

Please feel free to leave your memories, stories, and condolences below.

Flowers are also welcome and can be delivered to the funeral home on the date and time of memorial service.
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"Rev 21:4 And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away." I'm glad to have known you and sad to see you go. You will be deeply missed. Love always India

Leah Aubrey shared a photo.


I met Zakkyya on behalf of my mom & also I started to working before she had left EA. Me, my mom, and once with my aunt went out to eat, got out nails done, and also hung out at each others places. This picture is when we went to the mall before we went to Chili's. We had stopped to look for a present from my Grandmother & I just had to try on a ring. I told her I wanted to marry myself & in that picture she was telling me to think about it because it was expensive TOO expensive lol. Z always had fun with us and so did we.I hope she found the peace she was looking for & I am praying for her and her family. -Leah Aubrey

Leah Aubrey shared a photo.